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Optimum Pain Care Chiropractic provides patient-driven, integrative care for people experiencing musculoskeletal pain and Neuromuscular Pain.

At the practice’s location in Woodland Hills, California. Our Chiropractic facility works with a variety of Medical Professionals to deliver outstanding care to patients from all walks of life.

chiropractic recovery

At Optimum Pain Care we excel at treating patients who have been the victim of personal injury accidents. We will be sure to assess and evaluate your injuries and devise a highly-customized plan for treatment aimed toward your quick and full recovery.


When you work with Optimum Pain Care you will receive outstanding care from our doctors. We are excellent at treating soft-tissue injuries using our hands as well as exercise programs to relieve pain, and return injured people to their previous functioning levels.

stretching and mobility

It is essential to practice proper stretching techniques to avoid unnecessary injuries. Once you’re over your injury and have started to regain strength, it’s time to focus on making the injured area flexible and move freely in all range of motion.



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